The Nature Movement has finally arrived

The Nature Movement has finally arrived

Going back to nature in different variations is a trend that’s getting more and more attention these days, as many has discovered the pure benefits of being close to nature. It also includes being closer to yourself as a person and taking care of your body and mind. Green is good. Let’s get more of it in our lives.

Green feet closer to nature

Take a moment to think about how important your feet are for your entire body, movement, flexibility and health in general. And then think about how little time you actually spend on taking care of them. Probably not much. This is absurd when you realise the importance they have to your entire wellbeing. They’re going to carry you trough your life.

Nature – sustainable and long-lasting shoes

Nature Footwear is a Danish shoe manufacturer that design healthy shoes that are meant to last for long. In addition they aim at being at an honest, ethical and sustainable production. The Nature shoes are fabricated by specialists in Portugal and go through at least hundred hands before they land on your feet.

Perfectly fit to spread your toes out

One of the great things about Nature Footwear is that they are perfectly fit to spread your toes out. For this reason Nature Footwear is a good choice for wide feet or those of us that want to give our feet some extra space.

Nature Footwear – a healthy fit without compromising on style

Some of us might get some flashbacs to the old jacoform shoes (remember the shoes that your teachers back in highschool used to wear?). The shape is quite similar, but the big difference is that Nature Footwear figured out a way to design shoes in a healthy fit without compromising on style. Each season they come up with a new selection – some natural, and some more bold and colorful. It’s just great to see a footwear brand that succeeds in designing both healthy and good-looking shoes.

You can find the latest Nature Footwear shoe and boots models for women on their website here.

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