How do you know if you need wide fit shoes?

How do you know if you need wide fit shoes?

Do you know the damaging consequences it causes when you’re wearing too narrow shoes? It’s a common belief that you need to break in new shoes. However, this often means that your feet will ‘break’ in the process as well. Instead of making your feet adjust to the shoes, why not simply buy wider shoes that fit. Below you can go through the typical signs that you need wide fit shoes.

Signs that you need wider shoes

So, how do you know if you need wide fit shoes? If you think you might not be wearing wide enough shoes, then take a minute to consider if you have experienced one of the signs mentioned below. It’s not uncommon that our feet can change shape and spread out slightly with age, making them wider than they used to be. Here are three typical signs that you are wearing too narrow or small shoes and might should invest in wide fit shoes going forward:

Blisters (often recurring)

Blisters are most commonly caused when the fabric of your shoe rubs repeatedly against a concentrated area of skin, and usually removes the top layer of skin which can be quite painful. While this is common with some types of new shoe, if you’re getting blisters with some of your shoes this is a typical sign that they are too narrow for your feet.


Bunions are bony bumps that form where your big toe joins your foot. They are sensitive to pressure and are usually caused when your shoes are pointed, too narrow or too tight. If your shoes are not pointed and they are the correct standard size, you will know that it is the width causing the issue.


Corns are patches of skin that have become thick and hardened, and usually appear on the side or top of your feet. They are caused when the skin between your shoe fabric and bones in your feet is repeatedly squeezed. Once again, shoes that are too narrow are often the cause, since they put extra pressure on those areas.

Find the right wide fit shoes for you

If you experience any of the above signs you might consider wearing wide fit shoes. We will dive more into the different kind of wide fit shoe sizes and brands you should know about on this site. We will also look into standard shoe sizes that works well for wide feet as well. 

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