Blundstone – cool boots for wide feet

Blundstone – cool boots for wide feet

We’ve searched for comfortable wide fit boots for a long time and one of our absolute favorites are Blundstone, specifically the men’s dress boot in rustic brown style 1306. They’re so lightweight and easy to wear all day.

Tip: buy mens standard shoe size if you need wider shoes

The great thing about mens shoes are that the standard mens sizes typically are wider than women standard sizes. This means that if you can find shoes, boots or sandals in mens sizes, the standard fit probably is better for your wide feet than the same shoe in women standard size.

Quality boots never run out of style

Blundstone boots are made to last a lifetime. Some people have owned their pair of Blundstone for more 20 years. That’s what we call a quality boot.

The best pair of boots for wide feet. Photo credit: Blundstone USA

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