Angulus in wide fit

Angulus in wide fit

The Danish shoe brand Angulus has a specialized wide fit shoe line and you can easily narrow down the search using the filter in their webshop. This makes it so easy to navigate when shoe shopping online. Hopefully more shoe brands will follow their lead in the future and thereby make it possible to filtrate a search based on not only length but width too. Had the shoe width measurements been mentioned too it would be even better. Currently the majority of brands don’t provide this information yet, but we hope it will change in the future.

Angulus provides a good variety of flat shoes, boots and sandals in wide fit. Have a look at their webshop to see the latest models. We picked out one of their classic models below that are comfortable wide fit, great quality and the softest leather. Your feet will love them.

Unfortunately, Angulus don’t provide all their models in wide fit. Most wide fit models are quite classic. It would be great to see more bold models – like the glitter version – in wide fit too.

Classic Angulus desert boots in wide fit with shoelaces are easy to adjust to your feet. Image credit: Angulus

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