Comfort, quality and style for wide feet

Why is it that comfortable wide fit shoes often look clumsy and out of date? As if all of us, blessed with wide feet, naturally lack style. It’s time to change this perception! For this reason we started The Good Shoe Project.

The good shoe journey  

We don’t even dare to think of the endless amount of hours in our lives we’ve spent searching for good shoes. For us, good shoes mean shoes in a quite wide fit where we don’t have to compromise on quality and style. For some reason this is not just a simple task. We believe some of the reasons could be: 

  1. Traditionally shoes are measured in length, and we all learn to find shoes based on the length of our feet. For some reason measuring the width is often not considered even though we all have different widths too.
  2. Some shoe brands provide wide fit models. However, many ordinary shoe brands (with no dedicated wide fit shoe line) also provide wider fits even though it’s not defined as wide fit. Since most shoe brands don’t provide the measurements of the shoe width it requires a lot of research to find good fitting shoes. 
  3. As a women it’s considered more feminine to be petite in general, this includes smaller and more narrow feet. However, as many women have wide feet (for some they also get wider during pregnancy and after giving birth), and women in general buy more shoes than men, there should be no shame associated with having wide feet, and the selection of shoes in wide fit should not require one to compromise on quality or style.

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